Oakley Redfish Tour

Captain Lance Powers and his Brother Captain Dusty Powers had the opportunity to fish the Oakley Redfish Tour out of Bass Pro Shop in Destin Florida. the tournament had a different format than a usual redfish tour we were able to trailer the boat within the given boundaries and had a set time to return to the scales with live fish. We started out the day bright an early and when we recieved the text to start fishing we started casting . The morning started off tough for us with a couple of missed shots and pulled hooks but after a short run we put to nice fish in the livewell and we were off to the ramp and then challenge begain we had to keep the fish alive for a long truck ride back to the scales. We had to make several stops to ensure our fish stayed alive and were in good shape. The nice setup of the Shearwater boats livewell kept our fish nice and alive for the weighmaster to checkout. After the dust had settled we ended up taking 4th place overall not to bad for the first time we competed together in a Pro Tour.IMG_6076 IMG_6086 IMG_6094 IMG_6100 IMG_6110 IMG_6115 IMG_6118

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