Myles Away Charters, your guide to fishing in Pensacola, Florida.

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  • Where will we meet?  –  After booking your Pensacola inshore fishing charter with Myles Away Charters, we will discuss appropriate launch locations depending on your desired fishing location and/or catch.
  • Where will we be fishing?  –  Pensacola fishing locations vary depending on the types of fishing you like to do, the time of day, wind patterns, tides, and the time of year in which you schedule your fishing trip. Your fishing trip can take you to a variety of Gulf Coast fishing locations around the Pensacola Bay area including the Pensacola Pass and Perdido Key. The Captain will determine the best areas to fish based on what you expect to catch.
  • What types of fishing will we do?  –  Different fishing techniques and both artificial and live/natural baits will be explained and utilized depending on the species of fish you wish to target.
  • Can I keep the fish that I catch?  –  Of Course! As long as your catch is within the seasonal regulatory limits. We will even clean, ice, and bag your catch!
  • What do I need to bring?  –  Your Gulf Coast fishing trip will require you to bring very little, as we provide the top of the line tackle and all USCG approved safety equipment.. You will be responsible for bringing any desired drinks, snacks, sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • Do I need a fishing license?  –  No. Myles Away Charters has a commercial fishing license that cover s all passengers. Click here to read about Florida fishing licenses.
  • How many people can you accomodate?  –  To ensure a satisfying, enjoyable trip, we like to keep our maximum passenger count at 4.
  • What are your rates?  –  Click here to visit our Rates page for detailed information on fishing trip prices.
  • What do I wear?  –  Please dress season/weather appropriate.
  • Can I bring children?  –  Of course!  Children are more than welcome!
  • How do I book a fishing charter?  –  Please call 850.529.6909 to book!

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